Breaking barriers by bridging the divide between what is popular and what is efficient. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Bridge

Decentralized finance and the development thereof mainly on the Ethereum network has led to an explosion of a new and exciting infrastructure that will have a significant impact on the global financial system. Defi has without a doubt, hit bumps in the development road. The question facing projects and users alike is whether it is feasible or even profitable on a highly congested network, such as Ethereum is today. Leaving strong ideas and potential candidates for those ideas in the dust until ETH 2.0 comes to…

What is the txid?

The future of true Defi gambling has arrived. is proud to announce the first Defi gambling infrastructure of its kind is up and running. Anyone can create their own gambling pool using any ERC20 token and gamble on or through the widget. This will change the way we understand gambling and the relationship between the house and the “better” or punter, since anyone can add to their pool and get a percentage of the house rewards. Similarly, anyone can create their own pool. … introduces AI-generated art that is stored as a non-fungible token. created an artificial intelligence art generator which creates authentic, one of a kind art, that is automatically added as a non-fungible token (NFT) on ERC721, to be traded on open markets, or just kept. We trained the AI using 850 original public domain images which, if mirrored and augmented, brings the number closer to 12000 images, with more training to follow in various artforms. … to introduce the first decentralized gambling pools that enable any token to participate.

‘Uniswap’ of decentralized gambling dapps:

With the expansion on even more into uncharted territory it is poised to build a decentralized gambling infrastructure that will shape the way we view gambling and the relationship between the house and the gambler. The concept of on-chain, contract-based gambling is nothing new. However, when the Decentralized Financial infrastructure is added to the mix, the gambler can become both the punter and the house, making it possible to share in the revenue of profits. as Decentralised Gambling infrastructure:

Similar to the way Uniswap allows any token to list… expanded by adding the Ethereum pool and rewarding FFYI holders with the FFYI Revenue Share pool.

Ethereum Pool:

The Ethereum pool works similarly to the other staking pools. When you stake your ETH on for example, will find the lending pool with the best rates and send the tokens to be staked. Upon cancellation, will sell the rewards from the lending pool on Uniswap for uFFYI and burn it. New yields are issued in uFFYI and can be sold on Uniswap or All pools hosted by will get equitable shares in uFFYI, which makes for more…

We are excited to announce our roadmap, new pools, marketing plan, and more.


New pools:

In general, the idea is to add new pools weekly, this can be decided by the community. Pools with the highest APR will be chosen and integrated into the platform. Liquidy rewards pool:

We want to reward the community and create incentives for liquidity providers hence we are planning on building an incentive scheme for liquidity providers. Users can earn uFFYI by adding liquidity to the ETH-uFFYI and ETH-FFYI pools on Uniswap. By adding liquidity to the pool users will receive ETH-uFFYI and ETH-FFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens these can then be skated to earn uFFYI. This will make the …

Overview. is predicated on the idea that open-source software should be used as a base for future developments, does exactly that! It not only seeks to provide more stable yields, more pools, tokens, and ultimately better rates but also addresses the fact that all current lending aggregators are ETH based. will be a blockchain agnostic, interoperable platform and lending aggregator. Remember Nexo, Celsuis, etc? Gone.

How it works.

When you stake your DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT and TUSD on for example, will find the lending pool with the best rates and send the tokens to…

Interoperable lending aggregator #DEFI. 100% community-driven.

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