Roadmap, new Pools, and more!

We are excited to announce our roadmap, new pools, marketing plan, and more.
3 min readSep 20, 2020


New pools:

In general, the idea is to add new pools weekly, this can be decided by the community. Pools with the highest APR will be chosen and integrated into the platform. Liquidy rewards pool:

We want to reward the community and create incentives for liquidity providers hence we are planning on building an incentive scheme for liquidity providers. Users can earn uFFYI by adding liquidity to the ETH-uFFYI and ETH-FFYI pools on Uniswap. By adding liquidity to the pool users will receive ETH-uFFYI and ETH-FFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens these can then be skated to earn uFFYI. This will make the pools more robust and will attract large liquidity providers to the platform.

How to add liquidity and get rewarded for doing so:

1. Head to Uniswap.
2. Switch to the Pool tab.
3. Click Add liquidity.
4. The base should already be ETH, but if not, select ETH.
5. Below, click on Select a token and search for uFFYI.
6. Now enter the amount of ETH and uFFYI you are going to add to the liquidity pool.
7. Add the liquidity to the pool and you’ll receive ETH-uFFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens — these can later be redeemed to retrieve your tokens once you have finished staking on
8. Stake ETH-uFFYI UNI-V2 LP tokens and get rewards in uFFYI.

Introducing Stablecoin Pool: will introduce a stable coin pool, where you could deposit any USD stable coin, USDT, SUSD, PAX, etc. Our contract will then find the pool with the best yield, automatically swap the stable coin on Curve, or Uniswap to the stable coin with the highest yield. The swap is done with minimal slippage and Farmers are not exposed to any price risk while they improve the yield they receive with minimal effort!

Currently, no other project offers anything close to this. Innovation at its best. We expect many competitors to copy this but that’s ok we will lead and they can follow!

ETH wrapped Pools:

Similarly, will introduce ETH wrapped pools. This will give users exposure to a diversified pool of yields. Pools only include tokens with the highest yield optimizing return! In a few simple steps, anyone can deposit ETH and start staking!



Current supply: 4375,36

Max supply: Unlimited

Minting rate: +-20K per annum

Token burn: All the interest on the DAI and KNC pool is used to buy the tokens back on the open market and is then burnt. New pools will have the same feature!

An example of a token burn can be seen here.


Current Supply: 998

Max Supply: 60000

FFYI serves as the governance coin, this will be used to vote on motions determining the platform’s future, in the spirit of truly decentralized finance!


October will be the start of the official marketing campaign, this will include but not limited to the following:

1.Create campaigns on various social media platforms such as twitter and telegram.
2. Use social media influencers to make and post how-to videos in various languages.
3. Create a bounty program to incentivize the community to support awareness efforts.
4. Run ads on coin listing and DEFI sites.

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