introduces the FFYI Revenue Share Pool.

Ethereum Pool:

The Ethereum pool works similarly to the other staking pools. When you stake your ETH on for example, will find the lending pool with the best rates and send the tokens to be staked. Upon cancellation, will sell the rewards from the lending pool on Uniswap for uFFYI and burn it. New yields are issued in uFFYI and can be sold on Uniswap or All pools hosted by will get equitable shares in uFFYI, which makes for more stable yields in pools. The Ethereum pool will be part of the FFYI Revenue Share Pool, which will be explained below.

FFYI Revenue Share Pool:

The FFYI Revenue Share pool(FFYI RS) has been designed to reward FFYI holders, the governance token of It does so by charging a fee when claiming rewards, which will then be shared between all the FFYI holders staking in the FFYI RS Pool.

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