Decentralized gambling infrastructure. Launched!
4 min readNov 6, 2020


The future of true Defi gambling has arrived. is proud to announce the first Defi gambling infrastructure of its kind is up and running. Anyone can create their own gambling pool using any ERC20 token and gamble on or through the widget. This will change the way we understand gambling and the relationship between the house and the “better” or punter, since anyone can add to their pool and get a percentage of the house rewards. Similarly, anyone can create their own pool. If we add provably fair gambling on top of the Fiscus infrastructure we arrive at a place where the truest form of Defi gambling exists.

Historically on provably fair gambling has been plagued with two issues:

  1. They were limited to the main coins and or the most copious, e.g Ethereum.
  2. Even though the gambling aspect was indeed provably fair, the pool is still centralized in favor of the house. Dice overcomes both these barriers since adding a pool is as simple more simple than setting up a Uniswap pool and the house rewards go to the pool stakers.

As can be seen with the image on the left the Link pool which was added by simple clicking on the “add new pool” button was created within min. Link holders can play there. The same can be said for KNC as these were our test pools. However, if a Tether holder wanted to add Tether they can do so. This approach gives flexibility the the existing crypto gambling space and allows anyone to participate, without having to sell their ERC-tokens for ETH first.

How to use the Add a new pool function:

  1. To add a new pool simply visit

2. From here add the token address.

If you want to add USDT for example, then insert USDT’s contract address here, which is 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7.

3. Which will bring you to the following screen:

Here you can add the minimum bet amount and initial pool liquidity. The maximum will be limited by the pool size. Pool creators need at least 21 times the min bet in their wallet to create a pool. The maximum bet is 10 times the minimum bet. Click next. As easy as that, your pool has been created. Pool creators can withdraw their liquidity at any time, additionally anyone can add to the created token pool and earn a portion of the fees. Pool creators can also add the initial jackpot and the jackpot payout percentage. The first official teams to add their own pools will be featured on the front-page.


4. Find your pool: Dice Tether

You will see your new contract address on screen. If you click on it it will take you to your pool contract page. To interact with your newly created pool, just add it after and it will redirect you to your Fiscus Dice page for you specific token. Liquidity providers can also add or remove liquidity at any time.

5. Add your pool:

From here you can add your pool to your website using the generated iFrame. Just copy and paste it and you’ll have your token game added to your site.

Dice Widget

Conclusion is proud to bring together the benefits of both provably fair on-chain gambling and decentralized financial pools to the public. The combination is the first of it’s kind and can spur growth in the sector.

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