Decentralized gambling infrastructure. to introduce the first decentralized gambling pools that enable any token to participate.

‘Uniswap’ of decentralized gambling dapps: as Decentralised Gambling infrastructure: House Pool:

Adding a uFFYI pool, in this case the House Pool, will earn the staker part of the profits from the house. So by providing the liquidity for the gambling mechanism users are rewarded. In a similar fashion any Defi project can build a dice/coinflip gambling dapp (with more to follow), by making a liquidity pool on the widget can then be integrated into their website so that their community can participate.

Revenue share mechanism:

  1. 25% Will go to the pool creator’s liquidity pool.
  2. 25% Will go to pool creator’s Jackpot pool.
  3. 25% Will go to FFYI Revenue Share Pool(FFYI RS).
  4. 25% Goes towards the buyback and burn of uFFYI.

This will add value to the liquidity pool creators, FFYI and uFFYI.



uFFYI coinflip pool details:

  1. 50% Will go to FFYI holders in the FFYI Revenue Share Pool(FFYI RS)
  2. 25% Will go to the jackpot pool.
  3. 25% Goes towards uFFYI buyback and burn.

Minimum bet: 10 uFFYI

Maximum bet: 100 uFFYI.


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