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5 min readNov 3, 2020

-- introduces AI-generated art that is stored as a non-fungible token. created an artificial intelligence art generator which creates authentic, one of a kind art, that is automatically added as a non-fungible token (NFT) on ERC721, to be traded on open markets, or just kept. We trained the AI using 850 original public domain images which, if mirrored and augmented, brings the number closer to 12000 images, with more training to follow in various artforms. All these images are labeled as being in the Public Domain, and the top artists include Wassily Kandinsky, Janos Mattis-Teutsch, and Paul Klee to name a few. users can mine FNFT’s on by staking FFYI, the governance token. After staking they can claim the FNFT and then sell or keep them. This can be sold on Opensea. will implement a 5% success fee on the sale of these NFT’s this in turn is distributed among all FFYI holders, adding and expanding on our current Revenue share model.

This will limit the supply since there is a limited supply of FFYI, while rewarding FFYI holders for their early participation in

“Unrelenting divergence of the human condition.”

First pieces of art

As an example of the Ai in its current iteration, “Unrelenting divergence of the human condition” was one of the first of five created by the neural net. Which is an impressive piece. This was followed by, “ephemeral nature of the mind”, which showcases its ability to create a diverse range of artistic expression.

“Ephemeral nature of the mind.” AI art & NFT

Ai art is not a new concept, it has been improving over time to include a wide variety of art. However, there has been a lot of debate over ownership, value, and attribution. These arguments often boil down to if the AI art generator’s original owner created the art, who is the author? And does attribution go to all previous artists that the AI was taught with? The next begs the question of how will scarcity be limited if the AI can seemingly create endless amounts of incredible art. We think that both these can be addressed within the scope and philosophy of decentralized networks and blockchain asset tokenization on, using public domain art to teach the AI. AI art neural network creates crisp, modern, and spectacular pieces of abstract art, with more artforms with their respective pools to follow.

How does work?

In the model that proposes, anyone can stake claim to the art, which then gets created over time and value of the staked FFYI coins. After the staking period ends people will be given four options they can choose their favorite and that then gets placed on the blockchain as NFT using Ethereum ERC721 token standard with a unique CoinID. The Fiscsus.FYI FNFT AI will continually grow and become stronger and create more exceptional art as the userbase grows. With expansion plans Aimed towards FNFT’s which can create a wide variety of exceptional work.

Using this model the supply of the art will be limited and since there is a choice for the end-user its expression and taste is signified in the artwork of his choosing, closing the debate of ownership since perhaps, at least technically and objectively speaking, the art might not have been the strongest candidate for recognition. Since it takes time effort and monetary input from artists this is truly his creation. Currently, art will be limited to 20 pieces per month. Stakers will need roughly 2500 FFYI in order to successfully mine one piece of art per month, similarly, if you stake 250 FFYI you will get one NFT after 10 months

About FFYI Governance token with a total supply of 60000. The FFYI governance pool is closed and no new FFYI will ever be minted. We recommend staking at least 2500 to ensure you receive 1 FNFT per month.

How to sell, swap, and use art.

Following the process of generating the art and placing it on the Ethereum network, FNFT art creators and collaborators can store their art in a safe place, swap it, or list it on NFT listing sites like Opensea. In both these cases, there will forever only be one, and users are assured of the uniqueness of their art with their ownership verified by the blockchain.

As this is the first of the long line of similar integrations with, of which FFYI owners will have the decision of what to implement next, Governance token holders will be further incentivized to keep their governance token. In this case, the fair distribution will create a decentralized FNFT network in the open market and anyone can create their piece of art without discrimination.


  1. Go to
  2. Make sure your Metamask is connected and hit “Enter”.
  3. Select “Mine FNFT”.
  4. When the staking is finished you can claim the FNFT.
  5. Select the FNFT that you want.
  6. Click on the NFT icon. It will redirect you to Opensea marketplace where you can choose list it in order to sell. Or you can keep it for yourself.
“Variations are distilled.”

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